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Why we’re excited about JSUnconf 2019

JSUnconf is almost there and we’re happy to be around, too

Just as in 2017 and 2018, sum.cumo is also a 2019 sponsor of JSUnconf. The next edition is taking place on April 13 and 14, right in Hamburg, and we’re going to be on site with ten members of our staff. We’re again excited and we again look forward to meeting up with and getting to know many like-minded JavaScript aficionados! (You know our mission, our team, and our excitement about conferences 😊)

Why are we there, then, at JSUnconf? There are some good reasons for which we asked four of our crew:

Sven (frontend lead): “I enjoy the pleasant vibe, and JSUnconf is just an awesome way for us to meet and exchange ideas with the local developer scene.”

Kathy (corporate communication): “I’m much looking forward to the great atmosphere, all the inspiration as well as the many different people who attend JSUnconf. I also look forward to reconvening with old and new colleagues and with the many interesting people who burn for JavaScript.”

Kerstin (frontend development, JSUnconf proposal Animation with Concept): “The great things about JSUnconf are, one, the diversity of talks, and two, the idea that visitors choose the subjects they’re most interested in. For first speakers JSUnconf means a great opportunity to rise above oneself and gain some experience. On top of that, for us parents it’s really easy to participate due to JSUnconf providing child care during the event.”

Johannes (frontend development, JSUnconf proposal A New Vue.js State Management): “I’m excited about many ideas and impulses for my work, and also about an opportunity to eventually present a new state management system for Vue.js.”

This as a little teaser, JSUnconf is coming up and we can’t wait to see you here in Hamburg for a little chat!