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Webinar - Versicherungsforen Leipzig

*After the positive feedback of the last webinar with insurance forums Leipzig, another online event took place on September 24. Ingolf (Putzbach), one of the managing directors of sum.cumo, again presented the advantages of digital underwriters and their structure from the idea to Go Live.

An integrated partner for the digital world of today

80% of insurers still work with outdated IT systems at their core. Even though the insurance industry is already in a state of upheaval, new customer expectations and technological advances in particular continue to pose major challenges for insurers. These include a lack of experience with new sales channels, too slow an adaptation to the ever-changing market and too little investment in innovation and technology. InsurTechs can benefit from this, because digital success stories in the insurance market can only happen with a digital, holistic partner, the corresponding mindset and technologies.

Transformation is followed by innovation and disruption

Accelerating the transformation speed of the industry is the opportunity for digital underwriters. In order to realize this, growth and efficiency must be implemented better than with traditional players. In the areas of sales and loyalty, the focus must be on holistic digitization and customers must also be included. Product and business model innovation is just as crucial. It requires a high rate of change, internationalization and cross-interface integration into ecosystems. This allows core processes and the business model to be digitized and customer-driven end-to-end business processes to be promoted.
This requires qualified experts from various disciplines in an agile working environment. The composition of an interdisciplinary team working collaboratively on the development ensures sufficient flexibility and adaptability as well as maximum efficiency within all project phases.

It remains to be seen how the market will develop, whether digital underwriters will seize their opportunity and how traditional insurers will react and position themselves. Nevertheless, it can be said that there is a lot of movement in the industry and the market is becoming increasingly heterogeneous due to start-ups as well as competitors with their individual visions and USPs.

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Ingolf Putzbach
#management Ingolf has been one of the two CEOs of sum.cumo since July 2016. His job is to keep developing the company as an attractive employer of digital virtuosos while also advancing its position as a digital trailblazer for insurance companies and lotteries. Prior to sum.cumo, Ingolf was a founder and partner at Arkwright Consulting and the Germany CEO of Halogen AG. Ingolf cherishes the great enterprising spirit here and says “that every minute at sum.cumo is a pleasure for him.” Innovation, sustainability and individual freedom are important to Ingolf both at work and at home, shaping his actions in every way. Ingolf’s words have appeared in many media outlets, including [Versicherungsjournal](https://www.versicherungsjournal.de/vertrieb-und-marketing/wie-kann-man-als-makler-heute-digital-verkaufen-135254.php), [Intelligent Insurer](https://www.intelligentinsurer.com/contributed-article/purely-digital-insurers-and-their-service-providers-increase-the-attractiveness-of-germany-s-insurance-market) and [Finanzportal Joonko](https://www.sumcumo.com/ist-das-neue-vergleichsportal-joonko-check24jaeger-oder-maklerschreck) and [Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen](https://www.sumcumo.com/unternehmen/interview-zeitschrift-fuer-versicherungswesen). Furthermore, Ingolf’s commentary on “Guidewire mania” appeared in the magazine [Versicherungswesen 22 (2018)](https://www.sumcumo.com/blog/content/de/zfv-putzbach-guidewire-mania.pdf). All articles by Ingolf