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What is Vuetify?

Vuetify is a complete UI framework built on top of Vue.js (v2 for now). It's based on the Material Design specification.
It offers a huge variety of components (i.e. pagination, data-tables, grids, form-inputs) and features (i.e. form-validation-support, themes, treeshaking).

Why do we use Vuetify?

Vuetify enables us to create administration-backoffices for the products that sum.cumo, a Sapiens company, develops. With these, users can maintain, create and update different aspects of a product. Usually these kind of projects don't rely on an individual design. If you like you can also create a new theme or choose one of the prepared material-studies presets.

Vuetify works perfectly for such projects because it makes creating our backoffices easy and fast. The variety of components and the way everything is documented helps to create fast results.
We enjoy the simplicity as well to create code-mockups for new feature-ideas with sandbox-webapps (i.e. codepen.io). This approach leads to a good cooperation between UX/UI-designers and developers at an early stage of a planned feature.

Vuetify as an OSS project

Vuetify has the support of a big and active OSS community. This makes it reliable, future-proof and open.

Participating in Vuetify is easy. For example, if you find an issue in the documentation you can find the information on where and how to fix this in the documentation itself. Feedback to a PR is being given fast and if everything is fine a PR is being merged fast as well. This makes it a nice experience for OSS-contributers as well.

LTS versions exist and are being maintained even if new versions have been released. Upgrade-guides help you with upgrading to a new version. An up-to-date roadmap keeps you informed about what can be expected from future versions (i.e. Vue.js v3 support).

A discord-channel offers support and help by other users and maintainers of the project. You can also get paid support from core-members.