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Vue.js Meetup #3: On Vuetify and Higher-Order Components

Insights into the world of Vue

In our Hamburg office we’ve just hosted the latest Vue.js Meetup. As one of the tech companies in Hamburg that has a great deal of experience working with Vue, we had a member of our staff present on site: Hannes Schluchtmann He shares the topics and slides of his talk.

Hannes on Vuetify

Vuetify is a component framework for Vue.js that’s based on Google’s “Material Design” system. Similar to Bootstrap it provides components, helpers and a basic design that allows to quickly get to results and reduce overall development work. Vuetify particularly shines through its focus on functionality. I believe that through its great documentation, Vuetify offers particularly quick ramp-up time. Version 2 is being worked on, providing not only new components (for example, calendar, upload) but also a new code base built on TypeScript.

The slides: Vuetify.