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Vue.js Meetup #3: On Vuetify and Higher-Order Components

Insights into the world of Vue

In our Hamburg office we’ve just hosted the latest Vue.js Meetup. As one of the tech companies in Hamburg that has a great deal of experience working with Vue, we had two members of our staff present on site: Hannes Schluchtmann and Johannes Lamberts. Here they share the topics and slides of their talks.

Hannes on Vuetify

Vuetify is a component framework for Vue.js that’s based on Google’s “Material Design” system. Similar to Bootstrap it provides components, helpers and a basic design that allows to quickly get to results and reduce overall development work. Vuetify particularly shines through its focus on functionality. I believe that through its great documentation, Vuetify offers particularly quick ramp-up time. Version 2 is being worked on, providing not only new components (for example, calendar, upload) but also a new code base built on TypeScript.

The slides: Vuetify.

Johannes on higher-order components

Mixins, scoped slots and higher-order components (HOCs) mean different possibilities for code organization. Although there are useful and legitimate use cases for each of them, some of these use cases may rather inhibit overall code quality. In my talk I discuss some of the mechanics, pros and cons and offer tips for implementation. Focus is on higher-order components which appear little established in Vue, as well as the question how to work with them to improve testability, maintainability and code quality in general.

The slides: VUE HOC.