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2020 is coming to an end, an extraordinary year, also for our frontend: knowledge transfer, project setups, meetings, new colleagues, a little chat over a coffee - suddenly all this was only possible digitally. But the team only grown together even more under these new circumstances. We actually paired more intensively and continued to question ourselves technologically over and over again and optimized the tech stack.

So it's a good idea to summarize best practices and learnings - especially from the Vue.js world. For the first time this year, this will take place in the form of an advent calendar: we are happy to invite you to Vuecember!

Every day you can look forward to read a new article about frontend development, about the world of Vue.js - short and crisp, ideal for reading besides your first supply of caffein

We hope you enjoy reading & sharing, we also appreciate feedback: franziska.gertz@sumcumo.com

See for yourself what is hidden behind the doors: