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sum.cumo supports the distribution of the digital vaccination certificate

A team led by the American technology group IBM is working together with sum.cumo Sapiens and other partners such as FKS IT GmbH & Co KG from Hamburg and the IT alliance Govdigital on the digital vaccination certificate. sum.cumo Sapiens will support and accelerate the distribution of the digital vaccination certificate by means of a web platform and a view into the panex software.

The role of sum.cumo

sum.cumo Sapiens, which has been providing the panex software within the Hamburg Vaccination Centre since the beginning, now has the task in this consortium of generating the digital certificate and distributing it to vaccinated persons.

To this end, sum.cumo Sapiens solves two tasks with the help of the panex software:

Firstly, the vaccinated person will in future be issued a vaccination certificate including a QR code after their vaccination at the Hamburg vaccination centre. The user can easily integrate this barcode into the CovPass app, a European vaccination certificate or the Corona warning app.

Secondly, the sum.cumo Sapiens software offers the possibility to generate an official vaccination certificate via a web platform for people who have already been vaccinated at the vaccination centre.

The exact date from which the certificates can be printed or downloaded has not yet been determined. The digital vaccination certificate will be an additional offer to the analogue vaccination certificate.