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“This year I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary."

Piotr, we look forward to hearing from you and your path. How did Sapiens Poland come into being and how did it develop? Tell us about the history of Sapiens Poland.

Sapiens in Poland started in 2015, but we had some integration and cooperation with Sapiens even before. In the beginning of 2010, there were already a connection between Sapiens and Asseco Poland. After that, the cooperation between the companies started to be closer to each other. So, the real start of Sapiens in Poland was when in 2015 Sapiens entered into an agreement for the acquisition of Insseco, a software provider for the insurance market, which is owned by Asseco.

During the last seven years we grow significantly. We started with 130 people, now our head company have more than double. At the moment, we have more than 300 people at our company.

Our goal for this year is to reach the 400 employees.

Can you tell us how you delt with the current pandemic situation?

Sapiens is distributed around Poland. Even before the pandemic we had office in six cities. During the pandemic, we learned that, working from home, is not only possible but also efficient. We even started to recruit people from cities, where we don’t have an office.

What are the main competences of Sapiens Poland?

Now we are mostly working for the P&C market, for IDIT and Reinsurance. However, starting from 2020 there are new initiatives run in Poland. The first one is Managed Services. Within the management services we are providing the Service Desk which are operating 24/7. We are also providing the Service Managers, cloud engineers and third line of the support for the European customers. Moreover, we started to build the organization for the L&P market.

Right now, we also have teams that are only working on the polish projects, with our polish customers who are using our previous solutions dedicate only for them

At the beginning of the journey with Sapiens, 90% of services have been delivered to our Polish customers. Now in 2022 it is only 10%. The vast part of our services are delivered to Sapiens global customers.

How long are you working at the company and what is your position?

I am here since the very beginning.

I started in 2002, so this year I am celebrating 20 years at this company. I am the Regional Leader Sapiens Poland.

Please give us an insight into your private life – what are your hobbies?

I am married and have already adult daughter. I live in Warsaw with my wife. two dogs and one cat. My latest private “achievement” was becoming a grandfather.

In my free time I am cycling, kayaking and snowboarding. Unfortunately snowboarding were stopped during the pandemic, but I am keeping my fingers crossed to come back to that.

Thank you for the interview, Piotr!