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sum.cumo reinforces its presence in Switzerland

sum.cumo is continuing to strengthen its position and product range in the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company has been implementing projects in Switzerland since 2012, and now it intends to become even more active there. The national manager will be Peter (Dähler), a longstanding partner and the founder of the Dextra legal expenses insurance agency.

Successful projects implemented in Switzerland since 2012

Dextra and sum.cumo began revolutionizing the Swiss insurance market as early as 2012. Working closely together as partners, they built a future-facing, digital insurance agency entirely from scratch. Dextra's digital legal expenses and automotive insurance policies were created through the use of modern technologies and innovative new perspectives and methods. With the company's accumulated experience in the Swiss market and its extensive range of services and products, insurers can rely on the solutions of sum.cumo for internet-enabled sales and customer service of modern insurance systems and services.

Peter and sum.cumo

As of October 1, 2019, Peter now leads sum.cumo's Swiss branch, based in Zurich, as the country's national manager. Peter and our CEO Björn (Freter) have known each other for many years. Now Peter's task in Switzerland is to assemble a sum.cumo team there, who are to actively support their colleagues in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. The establishment of this third location will also provide closer proximity to our customers in the region and thus strengthen our market presence.

An eye to the future

"Customer-focused solutions are built on the latest technologies by digital specialists from the consulting, UX design, front end and back end development, and marketing departments. This shows the holistic approach that we here at sum.cumo pursue in order to successfully bring projects to fruition, from the first idea all the way to the marketing strategy," explained Björn. "Our goal in Switzerland is to work together with customers to push the limits by developing and implementing ideas for innovative products.

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Peter Dähler
#consulting Peter has been working for sum.cumo as its national representative for Switzerland since October 2019. However, he's been connected to the company – as a customer, a partner, and a friend – for more than seven years now. His job is to assemble a new sum.cumo team in Switzerland in order to increase the company's presence there. Peter's large network helps him in explaining his cooperation with sum.cumo to those who are interested and in working as a team with new customers to achieve common goals. What he appreciates about sum.cumo is the congenial, cooperative culture and the fact that the company allows very different types of people to fully realize their potential – to exercise their strengths, their commitment and their values in a highly professional atmosphere. Peter originally started out working first as a lawyer and then on the management boards of various insurance companies. In 2011, he established a company for process financing. In 2012, in association with sum.cumo, Peter founded the company Dextra in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2016, Dextra's legal protection insurance policies were supplemented with automotive insurance. After suffering a stroke in January of 2018, Peter was fortunate to make a good recovery. Since then, he's learned to appreciate every day, whether at work or at leisure. Throughout his career, Peter has always been strongly committed to upholding the law. In his words, technology "is a good means to sideline corrupt systems." In addition, technology makes justice "affordable, simple and more successful." Peter publishes regular updates on his [blog](www.rechtsschutz-blog.ch) All articles by Peter