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sum.cumo on Hamburg1: Colleagues on four paws

That office dogs have a positive effect on health is no longer a secret. Just petting a dog sets off a biochemical reaction in humans that conveys a sense of trust and belonging, sparks a calming effect - and reduces stress.

At sum.cumo, office dogs also contribute to overall team satisfaction and productivity. While most colleagues are working in their home offices due to the current situation, the four-legged companions regularly provide a little variety in the empty office.

Together with Hamburg1, Björn (Freter), Inga (Vehling) and Irma have dedicated themselves to the question of what a day in the office with dogs looks like, what effect it has and why companies are more and more often allowing dogs in the office.

You can now watch the report of the theme week "animal well informed" directly in the media library of Hamburg1.