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sum.cumo digitizes the Hamburg Vaccination Center to help in the fight against the pandemic

sum.cumo platform accelerates and digitizes process within the vaccination station in the Hamburg exhibition halls.

sum.cumo, a Sapiens company, supports the Hamburg Vaccination Center with its own software and accelerates the process within the vaccination station through digitalization. Within one month, sum.cumo programmed the software panex, which is now being used promptly in the Hamburg exhibition halls. The goal of panex is to automate the process of the individual stations within the vaccination center in Hamburg while strictly adhering to the standards for patient data protection and thus to be able to currently record around 7,000 vaccinees daily. The validated data can then be transmitted to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for vaccination monitoring. This accelerates the processes of the vaccination station and optimizes documentation for follow-up by the RKI.

What does the sum.cumo platform panex offer?

After the vaccinee has been registered in the entrance area and the vaccination invitation has been checked, panex generates a data record as well as a personalized QR code including a routing slip. This documents the vaccination stations through which the person to be vaccinated must pass. Via document scan, each vaccination is then electronically tracked at the center - only at the vaccination center - where data such as identity, vaccination eligibility, medical history, education, time of vaccination, physician, place of vaccination and possible complications are recorded. Finally, the data from the completed and scanned pages are digitized using OCR. Part of the data is then transferred to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for vaccination monitoring.

How are sum.cumo's technical solutions used?

The project was developed by sum.cumo using modern software frameworks that ensure high-frequency and secure operation. The use of panex is exclusively within the exhibition halls. Patient data is stored in the local network of the Hamburg Vaccination Center, with only the vaccination monitoring data, which is used by the RKI for further recording, leaving the vaccination center. During the development of panex, consistent compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation was thus ensured. Furthermore, sum.cumo ensures the monitoring of the software and database operation over the complete period of the vaccinations, in order to be able to eliminate potentially occurring errors as quickly as possible and to guarantee a smooth process.