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sum.cumo focuses on Vuetify

As one of the Hamburg tech companies with extensive expertise in Vue and UI frameworks, we are now promoting Vuetify as an official project sponsor.

As an Open-Source-Software (OSS) project, Vuetify is supported and continuously developed by a large community. With the help of the sponsorship, we want to support the development of version v3, which is based on the current Vue version v3. In addition, we want to ensure that the project remains an open platform for developers and all interested parties in the future.

Vuetify is a complete UI framework built on top of the globally appreciated Vue.js. It is based on the Material Design Specification. Using Vuetify's diverse components and detailed documentation, we are able to create custom administration back-offices for products developed by sum.cumo Sapiens in a very short time.

For more information around Vuetify and the Vue.js world, please refer to our article series Vuecember.