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Recap: SCIP User Day No. 3

At the beginning of November, sum.cumo Sapiens held its 3rd SCIP User Day in Hamburg. In addition to the workshops, it was more than all the personal exchange between existing customers, future SCIP customers and sum.cumo Sapiens that made this customer event a success.

In the evening, all participants could look back on a productive day: lively discussions, constructive and honest exchange and, above all, transparency with regard to the SCIP software solution. The product managers presented the strategy for the next three years, what role SaaS will play and what new features can be expected.

SCIP as an answer to the InsurTech wave

SCIP User Day opened with an overview of the InsurTech wave from 2011 to 2021. Our general management came to the conclusion that this trend wave has now lost its power. Our answer to this development was and will be SCIP, the "sum.cumo Insurance Platform": SCIP has matured with the energy of this wave and as a product is now prepared for new challenges.

Feature Wishes & Planning Workshops

A very appreciated part of the SCIP User Day are the Planning Workshops: In this format, customers can and should actively participate. They take their problem statements with them and we evaluate together whether and how we can solve them with SCIP (in the future). Many common themes developed, some across regions and divisions, leading to improved mutual understanding.

The goals of solving problems together and gaining valuable insights for the further development of SCIP were once again achieved. In addition, our customers were able to network even more with each other.

The customer base is growing

And SCIP's user base is growing: In addition to long-standing partners such as Dextra, die Bayerische and Simpego, this year we also welcomed Die Dortmunder and Agencio as new model customer for the standard implementation of SCIP.

Sapiens is fully behind SCIP

Eli Azoulay (Vice President, Customers Executive & Head of VAS) traveled from the headquarters in Israel and presented together with his colleague Alex Zukerman (Chief Strategy Officer) the cooperation between Sapiens and SCIP. The two expressed a clear commitment to SCIP, pledging their support and further investments. In Holon, they believe in the chosen strategic direction and are counting on synergies arising: whether it is to use Sapiens' expertise in cloud platforms, to enrich the constantly growing product range or to involve the newly founded UX Competence Center to add value.

How do I build a community around insurance products that works?

Désirée Mettraux (formerly with OCC) gave the answer to this question in her keynote, which was, however, given a very interactive format: In three groups (TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn), not so simple questions had to be worked on. Who is your community? What do you want to communicate? What would you publish on the respective platform? The heads ran hot and in the end a reel was actually published on Instagram and TikTok - mission accomplished!

SCIP Quarterly Review & Outlook

As in every quarter, the SCIP team gave a presentation of the developments around SCIP in the last months. But most importantly, the focus is on the future: SCIP has had a successful journey, from custom development to product iterations to a product company portfolio. And so the priorities for 2023 are to increase configurability and to offer SCIP Sales as a SaaS product.

The feedback on the SCIP User Day 2022 was consistently positive. A big thank you goes to all participants, the organizers, the office management in Hamburg and the entire SCIP team. We are already looking forward to next year!