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Insights into the insurance industry's easiest, fastest, and most customized product configuration process

sum.cumo Sapiens offers SCIP Sales, an e-commerce platform that enables digital insurance sales and service without complex rebuilding of existing core systems. Meanwhile, some sum.cumo customers including nexible, dextra and Dela rely on SCIP Sales. Product demos will soon show how easily new products can be created, instantly available application lines can be adapted and how quickly solutions can be introduced into the IT world of insurers.

What will be shown during the product demos?

Attendees will learn how to design a new insurance product in minutes. They will also see how the sales experience can be designed in a goal-oriented way. Finally, they will find out how purchase processes resulting from product configuration can be integrated into existing online portals without much effort and where they are immediately available. Thanks to its flexible middleware, SCIP Sales can go live in just three months and also enable seamless exchange between sales channels and inventory management systems.

How important are application lines in the insurance industry?

Across industries, consumer behavior has changed significantly in recent years: Customers are not only familiar with the diverse, digital offerings, but now see them as a necessary standard. Digitalization has not stopped at the insurance industry. Increased transparency in the market, also with regard to price sensitivity, means that customers are more willing to switch.

The focus must be on customer needs and behavior. The customer journey is a key factor in digital sales today and in the future. The corona pandemic has significantly accelerated the digitization of business processes and also the expansion of direct sales. An increasing demand for comprehensible and transparent products is benefiting direct sales in this respect, as customer interaction is also becoming simpler and more comprehensible in the same course. For example, customers are now more frequently contacting their contractual partners and insurance companies via digital channels.

How can I participate in a product demo?

If you are also interested in a product demo on SCIP Sales, please register here.