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sum.cumo team to participate in the Baltic Sea Circle

nexible, Dextra Rechtsschutz and the Bayerische to support the rally for a good cause

sum.cumo is daring to face the challenge and going to the starting line of the northernmost rally, the Baltic Sea Circle, starting June 16th with the team of adventurers #PixelPunks. Over the course of 16 days, participants transverse more than 7500 kilometers, with a stop at the North Cape, to travel through ten countries and circle the Baltic Sea. nexible, Dextra Rechtsschutz and the Bayerische are supporting the rally for a good cause.

Interdisciplinary team in the car

In accordance with the way sum.cumo works, the team is interdisciplinary, consisting of colleagues in the areas of Development Operations, User Experience, Digital Consulting and Internal Service. A core team is traveling the entire route and additional colleagues will be on board in stages to provide motivation. “We’re looking forward to bumpy roads, unique fjords, rugged coniferous forests, long beaches and the expanse of Scandinavian nature, the Baltic States, Finland and Poland,” says the team around the Baltic Sea rally. “We found the idea fascinating right from the start. We are curious to see how we can get along without GPS and a navigation system.”

With a great deal of dedication, a decommissioned rescue Mitsubishi Pajero of the Wedel DLRG has become a full member of #PixelPunks and is now ready for the rally.

Driving for a good cause

In the Baltic Sea Circle, the participants are interested not just in winning but also in a good cause. Team #PixelPunks plans to raise a large amount of money to donate to two projects: Half of the amount will go to the Sternenbrücke Children’s Hospice, a palliative facility in Hamburg for young people who are terminally ill. In keeping with the own industry, the other half is intended for the project “Jugend hackt,” a program that nurtures young programmers.

Those who want to provide support through donations can find more information and the option to make a donation directly at pixelpunks.sumcumo.com.

Accompanying the journey

News about the trip can be found on the landing page pixelpunks.sumcumo.com as well as on Facebook (facebook.com/sumcumo), Instagram (@sum.cumo) and Twitter (@sumcumo) on a running basis.