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people@sum.cumo: Peter Dähler as Country Manager in Switzerland

What is your job at sum.cumo and what makes your work so special?

I represent sum.cumo in Switzerland. Little by little, we want to build up a team here to be closer to the customer on site and to become even more present. Our network helps us to do this. Many insurance insiders know our projects from Dextra. This is a unique opportunity because we believe that the Swiss market is particularly mature to provide direct clients and brokers with the best technology. Our new way of thinking and working is particularly suitable here. Insurers' margins have fallen. Gone are the days when insurers were able to maintain huge sales organisations. In addition to technology, suitable products, a different kind of marketing and customer acquisition are also in demand.

What are your favourite tasks?

I try to understand which processes we want to start with. First of all, you need a particularly good substance. Then try to find the right mixture so that it becomes explosive and creates a certain wow effect. That's what makes it so exciting to develop something new with customers and partners and show them how they can achieve their goals. Technology and marketing are not events, but processes. And it takes persuasiveness. The greatest thing is when I can get people to change their minds.

What is important to you in your daily routine?

Honestly, I don't have a fixed daily structure. There has to be room for spontaneity, otherwise I feel constricted. Nevertheless, it is important that I have a goal in mind.

Since when have you known sum.cumo

I've known sum.cumo since 2012, when we built Dextra. We have been working together ever since.

What makes working with sum.cumo in Switzerland special?

sum.cumo is unique. So far, the big insurers have been on the broad corridor with their own insurance systems. As a result, hardly any new insurance companies have emerged. This has changed with sum.cumo. In this sense, sum.cumo is a true pioneer. That makes me very proud. In the meantime, anyone in Switzerland can set up a new insurance company. Little by little the market plays. Prices are changing. The products are moving. And customers and brokers are grateful in the end.

What are your hobbies and what music do you listen to?

I love the mountains, nature, skiing and travelling.
My favourite genres are Acid House and Trip Hop, but I also like a lot of oldies like Neil Young, The Cure, Pink Floyd or David Bowie.

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Peter Dähler
#consulting Peter has been working for sum.cumo as its national representative for Switzerland since October 2019. However, he's been connected to the company – as a customer, a partner, and a friend – for more than seven years now. His job is to assemble a new sum.cumo team in Switzerland in order to increase the company's presence there. Peter's large network helps him in explaining his cooperation with sum.cumo to those who are interested and in working as a team with new customers to achieve common goals. What he appreciates about sum.cumo is the congenial, cooperative culture and the fact that the company allows very different types of people to fully realize their potential – to exercise their strengths, their commitment and their values in a highly professional atmosphere. Peter originally started out working first as a lawyer and then on the management boards of various insurance companies. In 2011, he established a company for process financing. In 2012, in association with sum.cumo, Peter founded the company Dextra in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2016, Dextra's legal protection insurance policies were supplemented with automotive insurance. After suffering a stroke in January of 2018, Peter was fortunate to make a good recovery. Since then, he's learned to appreciate every day, whether at work or at leisure. Throughout his career, Peter has always been strongly committed to upholding the law. In his words, technology "is a good means to sideline corrupt systems." In addition, technology makes justice "affordable, simple and more successful." Peter publishes regular updates on his [blog](www.rechtsschutz-blog.ch) All articles by Peter