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Family-friendly company? Openness, flexibility and freedom!

After we have taken a look at the support during the Corona period in the last two articles on the benefits of sum.cumo, examined our work-life-balance offers and the job wheel and talked to Moritz (Kröger) about the topic of further training, this fourth part will deal with an essential component of modern companies. We look at family friendliness in a modern working environment, look at the current general situation and talk to Sven (Wagner) about the situation at sum.cumo. The series Benefits at sum.cumo is intended to find out the current state of the industry in the area of employee retention and to put our own benefits to the test.

Family-friendly working. Companies often run the risk of making the benefits of a modern concept of employee retention interchangeable with buzzwords. What does family friendliness mean? In recent years, the issue of work-life balance has played an increasingly important role in the relationship between employer:in and employee:in. The family component plays a special role in this topic. Career and family no longer have to be diametrically opposed.

But the correct and above all modern approach to the combination of work and family requires employers:in to deal intensively with the topic, their own standards and the future of the working world. There must be an exchange of ideas, an open dialogue in which expectations and hopes are placed on each other's table.

We discussed the approach of sum.cumo with Sven, head of frontend in the area of JavaScript and father of a family.

What distinguishes a family-friendly company?

First and foremost, there is trust - on both sides. Added to this are openness and flexibility. A space must be created in which it is made easier for parents in the company to make decisions. In addition, as an employee I must clearly communicate my expectations and hopes. Perhaps transparency is also a more appropriate term.

What do you think happens at sum.cumo on the topic of family friendliness?

Simply put: agreements can be made in a short time. There are the "child- sick" days. Every mother and father knows what it's like to have a child with a slight fever and have to combine this little emergency situation with work. It is incredibly helpful to be able to say: I have a sick child, I'm not capable of certain things today. When full acceptance comes back, it is family-friendly.

Do you think companies are becoming fundamentally more family-friendly?

We see it at sum.cumo: With the unlimited possibility of working from the home office, the topic is basically discussed and ultimately relaxed. The more companies live this the more change will take place in this area. We also support actions like our Kids-Club, which was set up especially for the Corona time. Things like sabbatical years and child-sick days are becoming more and more normal. Of course, sum.cumo can also provide food for thought.

How close is the topic to you yourself?

I myself have had the situation that I was given a lot of freedom because of my offspring. The greatest gift is the freedom and the freedom to create. If an employee is aware of this freedom and fulfils his or her responsibilities, a modern working environment can indeed be created here.

Is there anything you would like to see in the area of family friendliness in the future?

What is already going very well is the fact that children are part of the everyday picture. So that consideration and understanding are capitalized and full acceptance prevails. Of course the next step would be to have your own childcare on site and in my opinion something worth striving for. But of course this also depends on the needs of all employees. It must be sensible.

Björn once said to me: "There is a situation in the life of every employee that requires adjustment. We try to find flexible solutions. I think we're doing pretty well.