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Campaigning for skilled workers: Thinking ahead on benefits

Benefits are the new currency in a bidding contest for urgently needed professionals. But what a company offers to potential employees can quickly become an empty phrase. At sum.cumo, idea development and modernisation in the area of employee retention is lived out daily. That's why we want to constantly review and develop our own approaches. We ask our crew about their experiences, what benefits they use and where sum.cumo can think further as a company.

With the ongoing digitalisation and the development of digital business models, the job market has changed enormously in recent years. Some industries have recently increasingly become the pacesetters of a new philosophy in the relationship between employer and employee. The last decade, also due to the impulses from the start-up scene and a modernization of processes and everyday working life, has made companies more and more obliged to prioritize the well-being of the employees.

Don't ask what your employees can do for you…

One could say that a modification of the famous quote by John F. Kennedy applies: "Ask not what your employees can do for you, but what you can do for your employees.

Because: With the rapid growth of the digital industries, the demand for qualified personnel is increasing. New business models, constant change and requirements that have emerged in record time have created a kind of competition for employees in the digital scene.

The main focus here is on developing ideas for recruitment. The aim is to outdo the competition and to make the industry's taken for granted appear as such. Modern home office culture, family friendliness, office pets. Benefits pave the way to the company. Subsidised movement in public transport, partnerships with fitness studios and changing as well as regular company events.

Employee retention and the constant search for further development

At sum.cumo, too, motivation and loyalty to the employees is a top priority. Work life balance is not a trend, but a necessary part of a modernised working environment.
But in our eyes, there is a danger of not keeping the promises made to employees in the struggle for skilled workers. Benefits must not only be used for advertising. They are a promise to the relationship between company and employees. They must last and retain their value beyond the beginning of the employment relationship.

This makes it all the more important for sum.cumo to constantly question and develop these things anew. Not only technological development must be the goal, but also the relationship and the well-being of all employees is crucial.
In our series of articles, the benefits and ideas for working together at sum.cumo will be examined. And by the employees themselves.

…ask what you can do for your employees

Axel (Schaffrath), frontend developer at sum.cumo since 2017, is a passionate cyclist. He takes a look at the work/life balance at sum.cumo and what the Jobrad offers:

Work/life balance is not the latest buzzword, but there are employers where it really does have a meaning. But what exactly is work-life balance? The aim is to keep one's job in balance with family, social activities, leisure time, etc. at the same time, to avoid getting in each other's way and ideally even to support each other.
How do I feel about myself in an example of work-life balance at sumcumo? For example, I can do home office work if the child is ill. Then I can support my wife, who is also working, in the care of her child without having to take a vacation because the home office regulation allows me to work from home in flexible working hours. In order to keep myself as fit and healthy as possible, I cycle to work as often as possible. There I can also take a shower after 2 hours of torture - my colleagues should not have to suffer from unpleasant odours because of me - and on Tuesday there is even fresh fruit available for renewed energy intake. This keeps me fit, in a good mood and the employer has a healthy and motivated employee.

Jobrad: Harmonizing hobby and job

For me as a cycling enthusiast, Jobrad has opened up completely new opportunities for me. Jobrad is basically suitable for everyone - e.g. if you want to move a bit more or if you are environmentally conscious and want to make a good contribution to environmental protection. In a big city like Hamburg, it is also much easier to get from A to B, especially in the city centre. But you should also be aware that such a relationship with the employer can also bring challenges. This is because the term of three years can be a nasty surprise in the event of termination, for example. But we do not want to talk about termination here.

I can therefore afford to engage in very expensive cycling, equip myself with good vehicles and, thanks to the leasing contracts, I also receive good service conditions from the bicycle dealer. With a maximum term of three years, my bicycles are always up to date. After three years I simply return the bike and get the latest of the season or take over the leasing bike. Here you usually get a purchase price from the leasing bank which is 10% of the purchase price. With the purchase option after three years you even get a bargain, because once you calculate the installments, term and purchase price, you stay considerably below the actual list price. So ride on - keep yourself and the environment in shape.