Tobias Schmid


Tobi started working as a UI designer at sum.cumo at the beginning of 2018, but he quickly switched to UX design. Since then, he has mainly devoted himself to conceptual tasks, in part because he simply enjoys complex projects. In his work for sum.cumo, it is important for Tobi to look at projects holistically, to work with a comprehensive approach, to think outside the box and to bring together the various disciplines. He also regularly deals internally with topics such as company culture, team building and knowledge building.

Tobi may have broken off his studies in educational science, psychology and sociology, but he is still grateful for what he learned and still applies certain ways of thinking today. After completing his training as a media designer, he worked for various advertising agencies in Hamburg, supporting the development of larger online platforms.
At sum.cumo, Tobi appreciates having a lot of freedom and the fact that further development and learning is very important. Compatibility between work and family life is particularly important for Tobi, because he is a “loving, silly, double dad.” In his spare time, Tobi enjoys cooking and good food as well as music and philosophy.