Sven Wagner


Sven has been with the sum.cumo crew since January 2013, initially as a full-stack developer. He later expanded his focus to include frontend development and JavaScript. He now supervises all of our frontend JavaScript work. Previously, Sven worked as a web developer at Nord-Soft, Schaffhausen and ChartWorld, and as a senior frontend developer at SinnerSchrader. His goal is to help crew members move forward, increase their skills and make them into even better developers, while also strengthening their sense of responsibility, self-reliance and attention to quality. Sven is committed to furthering the development of his department. When he arrived at sum.cumo in 2013, he already knew all of the crew members back then from previous jobs. Besides his family, Sven devotes his spare time to sports and the web ecosystem, and is always looking for ways to make things even better.

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