Markus Siering


Markus has been working for sum.cumo since August 2018. He started out as a UI Engineer, now he works as UI Architect. Day by day he helps to build up the sum.cumo projects in the HTML/CSS area as optimally as possible. Besides the implementation of projects, Markus also pays special attention to ensuring that the fresh knowledge and new experiences can also be used in other teams.
Before sum.cumo, Markus built up the internal design system for XING SE. Before that, he worked in various areas at Jimdo - among other things, he promoted the design system, built website templates, and took care of partner cooperations. In his former life, Markus was even a social media consultant.
At sum.cumo, he appreciates the great mix of different people with whom he likes to interact both professionally and privately. In his job, Markus attaches great importance to good craftsmanship, privately he enthusiastically accompanies his daughter as she grows up. Besides that he tries daily to accommodate movement, meditation and cooking.
At a Xing Hackathon Markus published a project about Machine Learning.