Jörn has been the data protection officer at sum.cumo since 2010, in charge of all matters relating to data security. He advises the management team on issues of personal data protection, is the relevant contact person for both clients and employees, and arranges data handling agreements with clients and service providers. Most recently, he supervised the successful ISO 27001 certification process at sum.cumo.
Prior to joining sum.cumo, Jörn worked for Schaffhausen Communication and Avantaxx AG, and also for the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in its interior ministry and data processing center. Jörn loves working at sum.cumo because he appreciates the great people it attracts. In his private life, Jörn likes spending time with his children and friends, or simply reading. You can also find Jörn at various Meetups concerning data protection and information security.