Having joined sum.cumo in early 2017, Jens is the management team member in charge of Marketing. But he’s actually known sum.cumo very well since 2012. Back then, he was seeking a technical service provider for his own startup Lottohelden.de. He didn’t find simply a service provider in sum.cumo, but “the most important partner for my startup,” as he himself says. For Jens, it was the values of sum.cumo and the chance to act as a true partner in the digitalization process that were the decisive factors behind his move to sum.cumo.
Before his time as the founder and CEO of Lottohelden.de, Jens worked in various leadership positions in e-commerce and online marketing. For example, he was tasked with setting up digital sales for lascana.de (a brand of Otto GmbH & Co.) as their head of e-commerce, and did online marketing work for Tipp24.de during an exciting time of growth in the early 2000s. By then, the central elements of how he shapes the marketing mix already included a strong focus on understanding user needs and interests, customer lifetime value, and the various touchpoints in the customer’s journey. These are still at the forefront of his efforts in the marketing of digital insurance and lottery products. After his day at sum.cumo, Jens enjoys being a family man and loves living on the outskirts of Hamburg with his wife Silvia and son Jonas.