Ingolf Putzbach


Ingolf has been one of the two CEOs of sum.cumo since July 2016. His job is to keep developing the company as an attractive employer of digital virtuosos while also advancing its position as a digital trailblazer for insurance companies and lotteries. Prior to sum.cumo, Ingolf was a founder and partner at Arkwright Consulting and the Germany CEO of Halogen AG. Ingolf cherishes the great enterprising spirit here and says “that every minute at sum.cumo is a pleasure for him.” Innovation, sustainability and individual freedom are important to Ingolf both at work and at home, shaping his actions in every way. Ingolf’s words have appeared in many media outlets, including Versicherungsjournal, Intelligent Insurer and Finanzportal Joonko and Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen. Furthermore, Ingolf’s commentary on “Guidewire mania” appeared in the magazine Versicherungswesen 22 (2018).