Hauke has been with sum.cumo since day one, now supervising frontend development with Sven Wagner; he’s also been part of the management team since April 2019. In particular, he looks after the coaching of team members and their continuing development, as well as crew allocation and general organizational questions. Before joining sum.cumo, Hauke worked at Schaffhausen ITC Solutions and Basis Audionet. Even though a lot has changed since the launch of sum.cumo, for Hauke “the spirit of the early days is still palpable,” and he does all he can to make sure it stays that way. When Hauke’s not working for and with sum.cumo, then he’s surely firing up one of his barbecues – for him, it’s all about the perfect cookout. He’s just as likely to be hanging out around his neighborhood in the countryside – or even better, combining these two passions.