Hannes Schluchtmann


Hannes has been on staff as a software developer at sum.cumo since early 2019, with a focus on frontend development. Besides his own work in building new projects, Hannes is also committed to helping colleagues with their tasks. He’s always coming up with improved methods that can be applied across projects. At sum.cumo, Hannes is also working on open-source projects. Before sum.cumo, he lived in China for many years, learning not only about different cultures, but also about a very special internet environment. When asked why he likes working at sum.cumo, Hannes says that although (or maybe precisely because) everyone there is very different, they work together with mutual respect. Wherever he goes, Hannes likes to bring people together: he finds it easy to maintain contacts over great distances and time spans, and to connect people who might be helpful for one another. At the JSConf EU 2018, Hannes gave a talk on “Quirks and Surprises of Webdev in China.”