Frida Suhlmann


Friederike or "Frida" joined sum.cumo as a UI Engineer in March 2020. Together with her team she implements the designs of UX/UI colleagues as well as customer requirements. Scalability, sustainability of the code and the influence of the latest technologies are crucial in order to provide the user with the best possible experience when using the software. At sum.cumo, she appreciates the fast, practical approach to problems through to their solution, the promotion of knowledge transfer and the fact that the teams are very well attuned to each other and support each other.
Before her time as a software developer, Frida was project manager at deepblue networks, then came to web development via the boot camp "neuefische" and finally to her dream job. Both professionally and privately, refactoring is very important to Frida. She likes to turn everything upside down, restructure and reorganize or rearrange. She also loves to cook, travel and bring new life into the apartment with her green thumb.