Erik Preusker

#ux #management

Erik has been working as a user experience (UX) designer at sum.cumo since April 2019. In his work on the conception and continuous development of projects, he is the link between customers and designers, as well as programmers. For Erik as a UX designer, the focus is always on the user. He and the entire UX team try to design websites for users in a way that makes them as easy and intuitive to use as possible, and that fully meets users’ needs – of course, always in the context of the customers and partners. Erik not only creates wireframes and concepts but also formulates his own ideas and those of the customers in a way that generates concrete, realizable work packages for designers and programmers. Erik appreciates the “super atmosphere” in the company and among colleagues, as well as the fact that he has freedom to develop in his UX work. Before joining sum.cumo, Erik worked for companies such as NetImpact, AboutYou, Netshops and Etribes. Professionally, Erik likes to keep up to date on topics related to e-commerce, responsive/adaptive designs and user behavior. In his private life, he is a big fan of e-sports, and he likes to learn more about astrophysics and to travel.