Dominik has been working at sum.cumo since May 2016 - first for the lottery industry and now for the insurance division. In his current role as Product Manager, he is responsible for the further development of SCIP Sales. In doing so, he manages the interdisciplinary product team in an agile manner and accompanies the requirements management. When designing the internal product roadmap, it is important that the interests of all customers are reflected. Previously, he looked after the Swiss insurance customers Dextra and Simpego as a project manager, where he acted more as a proxy product owner. He also took care of the fully dynamic and automated draw broadcast for KENO, which is managed by LOTTO Hessen.
Before sum.cumo, Dominik worked as a project manager at UDG United Digital Group for e-commerce and online projects, and also held the same position at KMF Werbung GmbH. Dominik enjoys working at sum.cumo "because we manage to help supposedly dusty and boring industries position themselves well in the market with innovations and cutting-edge web technologies." He also appreciates the great collegiality and his own dynamics within the customer teams.
In his free time, Dominik is also enthusiastic about technologies of all kinds or keeps fit with Freeletics and road cycling.