Cora-Nadine Harder


Cora has been part of sum.cumo since September 2013, initially as a fullstack developer, now as a backend developer. After her training at the PTL (Physikalisch Technische Lehranstalt) in Wedel, Cora wrote her final thesis at the Schaffhausen Communication Group. There she was promptly taken on, stayed for four years and met Björn (Freter), as well as some other colleagues who are now working at sum.cumo. In this way Cora became one of the first employees of sum.cumo ever. Her varied tasks include the continuous development of our projects. It is especially important to her to always find the optimal solution together with the customer and then implement it in the best possible way. True to the motto: challenges must be tackled and overcome. In her free time, Cora likes to play logic games or other games where she has to think a lot. She also enjoys the series that deal with the topic of time travel. Absolute favourite: "Doctor Who".