Andrej Schujkow


Andrei has been working for sum.cumo since May 2020. As a web app engineer he develops suitable interfaces for the frontend together with the backend team and designs frontend data structures with suitable GraphQL interfaces. Andrej never loses his sense of humor and is always ready to share his expertise with others. It is therefore not surprising that self-initiative and a fundamental openness to technical topics is what Andrej particularly appreciates about sum.cumo.
For the last 6 years Andrej has been working as a frontend developer at netzwelt GmbH, where his enthusiasm for the metamorphosis to a fullstack developer was already apparent. In his private life Andrej is also enthusiastic about topics like WebAssembly, TypeScript and Offline Web Apps. He also tries to awaken this passion persistently with his cousin who lives about 6,000 km away. Whether with success, you best ask him yourself.
Andrej finds sporting balance in triathlon and volleyball, whereby furniture construction projects with old wood are also among his hobbies.