Adrian Haeske


Adrian joined sum.cumo as UX Designer in September 2018 and is dedicated to his "UX mission" from Düsseldorf: The translation of customer wishes into tangible concepts that bundle the input of all trades and at the same time focus on the needs of users. Adrian's goals are to create an even greater awareness of the importance of user research and to be able to quantify the effect of a good user experience.
Prior to joining sum.cumo, Adrian worked on UX Research in Volkswagen's Corporate Research and wrote his master's thesis on Augmented Reality Interfaces.

At sum.cumo, Adrian likes the very open and appreciative way of dealing with each other, and that every good idea can make a difference. When he's not developing his own apps, Adrian enjoys writing songs in his spare time and bringing them to life with vocals, piano, guitar and analog synthesizer. Not only in music, but also in cooking Adrian is creative and likes to test new combinations and creations again and again.