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Who are we looking for?

Seven signs you’d be a perfect fit for sum.cumo

You’re right at home in the digital world, keeping up on current trends and new developments.

You’re always happy to tackle new challenges and subject areas, and strongly believe in lifelong learning.

You have a genuine can-do attitude, willing go the extra mile even under a heavy workload, thereby putting the customer first.

In your collaborative teamwork, you’re always seeking the best solution for the client. Although mistakes can happen, these just motivate you to learn even more.

You prefer working in small interdisciplinary teams as opposed to doing anonymous corporate work, but also appreciate professionalism in workplace structures and processes.

You enjoy working closely with others and believe in open, constructive communication.

Your English skills are good enough for discussing daily business with others.

To us, it doesn’t matter whether you’re formally educated in the field, or self-taught, or just a damn talented newcomer who’s discovered a knack. First and foremost, we want to know whether you have the skills needed for fulfilling the relevant job.

Above all, we want to meet enthusiastic and motivated applicants who fit not only in terms of fulfilling the requirements of the job description, but also in showing the right attitude. In jobs involving creation, writing and design, we’d also like to see a well-prepared portfolio featuring relevant examples.

Our extra tip for all applicants

You should definitely get to know us and also try a cup of our coffee – it’s really quite delicious!