Trainee trip to Chicago

With sum.cumo to Chicago

As part of an international workshop, we gave apprentices Dennis (Koop) and Rudolf (Anselm), IT specialists for application development, the chance to fly to Chicago with 30 other students. It was a Design Entrepreneurship Workshop of the American Robert Morris University (RMU). The workshop was also attended by students from the cooperating Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) from Taiwan.

To promote the exchange among each other, we were divided into mixed groups within the project. The program included the development of a partition wall, lectures from the university and presentations of the teachers and external students. The topics were varied, from Design Thinking and Business Model to Technology Enablement and Priorization. Among other things, we got to know the 6-3-5 method, empathy mapping and working with personas.
During the common meals and the elaboration of the concepts, prototypes, marketing strategy or the business plan there was always the possibility of mutual exchange and getting to know each other. The city of Chicago also offered enough opportunities for leisure time.

"I took a lot with me on this trip and learned a lot for myself personally. In addition to new concepts and methods, I became more open and less shy because of the diverse impressions and colorful groups. Furthermore, I have found pleasure in travelling. The trip was one of the best experiences in my life, which would not have been possible without the support of sum.cumo," explains Dennis.

"Since it was my first flight to America and I had never taken part in an exchange before, I was pretty excited at first. But in summary, it was one of my best trips. I was able to gain many exciting impressions, meet new people and also the leisure activities, such as museum visits, were great. I appreciate and thank sum.cumo that they made all this possible for me," Rudolf also confirms.

Support wanted

In 2020, we are again looking for trainees. If you would like to start your apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration (m/f/d) and become part of our team, then apply here, we are looking forward to meet you!