Tips for your job application

How to best present yourself at sum.cumo

In your cover letter, there’s no need to go into your entire résumé. Keep it short and sweet: what position you’re applying for and why, when you’d like to start, what you propose as a salary and – of particular interest for us – how you heard of us in the first place. And of course the biggest question: Why would you like to work at sum.cumo?

Your supporting documents

Please provide us with your complete documents (résumé, certificates, references, work samples and of course anything else that might be of relevance to us). Put it all into a single PDF if possible, or even better, just send us a link to your online portfolio and/or (if you’re a developer) your GitHub account.

A photo of you would also be welcome, but only if you feel like including one.

We work and think digitally here, so please send us your application by email only.

Do you have further questions? Then feel free to contact us at me@sumcumo.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Take the initiative

This is where you’ll find our available job postings. There’s currently nothing of interest for you? No worries. Just send us an unsolicited application and we’ll see how things develop. Who knows, maybe you can do something that we actually need but simply don’t realize yet.

Or maybe you’d just like to drop by for a visit and enjoy a coffee with us? Then write to me@sumcumo.com so we can arrange a time and date!