How does onboarding work at sum.cumo?

A smooth start for new crew members

Although we’ve retained the informality of a startup, this doesn’t mean we can’t be highly organized as well.

We want everyone joining us to feel comfortable right from the start so that they can quickly settle in. This is why every new crew member is taken through a well-considered onboarding process. At sum.cumo, this consists of three phases:

1: Preparations

The employment contract has been signed and the first day of work is approaching. This is when we prepare everything needed for a successful start: peer advisors are chosen, a workstation is set up and the appropriate department is informed, along with the relevant customer project team.

2: Swinging into action

During the first two weeks, the new employee should get to know the workflows at sum.cumo, quickly settling into the team and getting comfortable. On the first day, the newcomer will be shown around by an assigned buddy before being handed off to the relevant project manager. We’ll familiarize the new team member with the sum.cumo workflows and all the corresponding tools, and of course the overall mission as well.

3: Integration is everything

By the end of the six-month trial period (and hopefully beyond), the erstwhile newcomer will have actively worked as a member of the team while becoming increasingly independent and autonomous. Of course, the relevant department and customer project team will continue imparting additional knowledge.

Feedback, feedback and more feedback

With us, it’s not only after the end of the trial period that we’ll sit down for a detailed feedback session. As early as four weeks in, and again after three months in, there’s an opportunity for both sides to provide feedback on how the induction is going. The sum.cumo feedback comes not only from the immediate departmental supervisor but also from within the relevant project team. For us, it’s good to know right away if there’s something we can improve or if additional help might be needed somewhere.