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Impressions from DockerCon Barcelona 2018

Moritz Kröger and Lucas Weatherhog on Docker and Barcelona

In this, our latest follow-up report on events attended by sum.cumo, we ask Moritz (Kröger) and Lucas (Weatherhog) about the latest DockerCon in Barcelona. Jens (Meiert) did the interview.

DockerCon 2018

Jens: Which of the talks did you find most interesting and why?

Moritz: Definitely “Supercharged Docker Build with Build Kit,” a presentation given in one of the breakout sessions, because it’s where I was able to take away the most for my day-to-day work. A lot of new features were introduced in the latest version of Docker that I plan to present and integrate at sum.cumo, too.

Lucas: My favorite was “Use Cases and Practical Solutions for Docker Container Storage on Swarm and Kubernetes,” which was also presented in one of the breakout sessions. We learned, for example, that the mantra that databases should not be stored in containers is actually a myth – which confirms to us at sum.cumo that we’re already headed in the right direction in that area.

Jens: Did you pick up any new tricks of the trade at DockerCon – anything that perhaps deserves more attention?

Lucas: I found the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB) interesting because it could become relevant in the future. CNAB can significantly simplify setting up infrastructure and applications. Otherwise, nothing stood out in terms of special tricks.

Moritz: A new feature of Docker 18.09 is that it provides BuildKit support, which offers significant speed enhancements during builds. It’s described in greater detail in Build Enhancements for Docker.

Jens: What were your highlights of this DockerCon and of Barcelona?

Moritz: The food at DockerCon, always. But the big keynote speeches in the morning are also always impressive and sometimes uncannily relevant to developers. Barcelona is a major highlight in and of itself.

Lucas: I’d say the same thing: the typically local food that’s served at every DockerCon – which was also my experience in Copenhagen. Barcelona itself is an incredibly amazing city and the Sagrada Familia was once again a highlight for me, as well.

Jens: Thank you very much!