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Digitalization reinvigorates the lottery market

Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH (aka LOTTO Niedersachsen) is the leading provider of lottery products in the German state of Lower Saxony. With the internet and the rapidly developing digitalization process, Germany’s broader lottery market is confronted by major challenges – here, having the right expertise for a coherent entry into today’s digital world is essential for success. It’s not only foreign providers, technically not allowed in Germany, who are devoting massive marketing budgets to the search for new customers, but also German providers operating nationwide. This situation, along with constantly changing customer expectations in terms of modern digital platforms, are placing great demands on every one of Germany’s local state lotteries. Well aware of the challenges, LOTTO Niedersachsen invested early in the expansion of its digital channels. The technological solutions of sum.cumo have helped LOTTO Niedersachsen create an up-to-date market presence, thereby facilitating its success in the dynamic and growing online lottery business.

Germany’s lottery market supports a wide variety of nonprofit projects

In Germany, the state lottery market is made up of sixteen local state lottery companies (together forming the Deutsche Lotto- und Toto-Block, or DLTB), each serving a German state and its resident gaming participants. Lottery revenues are used by each German state to support nonprofit projects, with the collected taxes and levies going towards sports, art, culture, historic preservation and social services. In 2018, around 3.0 billion euros were raised for nonprofits in this way, according to the DLTB.

The online lottery market is growing and has great potential

From early 2008 to mid-2012, there existed a complete legal prohibition on internet gambling in Germany, which hampered the country’s local state lottery companies in the development of their online business. Now more than ever, it’s important to offer attractive up-to-date products in order to stay competitive in the face of illegal foreign providers.

LOTTO Niedersachsen impresses with its entrepreneurial spirit and innovative digital solutions

With its market-oriented, entrepreneurial spirit, LOTTO Niedersachsen has established itself as a major player on the online lottery market in recent years. The company sells its lottery products mostly through brick-and-mortar outlets, but increasingly through digital channels as well. The online customers of LOTTO Niedersachsen can take part in Eurojackpot, LOTTO 6aus49, GlücksSpirale and BINGO!, as well as add-on lotteries like Spiel 77, KENO and TOTO, and can even place an order for scratch cards – doing so across all devices while enjoying a modern look and feel.

Created with the assistance of sum.cumo, lotto-niedersachsen.de is a virtual lottery outlet that is technologically unique in the marketplace, one that has played a big part in helping LOTTO Niedersachsen achieve a clear lead in the online lottery business. This online platform is totally focused on the customer, featuring modern user interfaces, self-service functions and a wide array of products to satisfy the wishes of lottery players who want to pursue their passion online. And with success: according to LOTTO Niedersachsen, its online shop has enjoyed for years the highest per capita turnover of all sixteen state lottery companies in Germany.

Development over time


Legal prohibition on internet gambling in Germany


LOTTO Niedersachsen receives permission for internet sales of lottery products in Lower Saxony.
LOTTO Niedersachsen engages sum.como as its “digitalization engine,” allowing it to become active online as quickly as possible.


sum.cumo assists LOTTO Niedersachsen with its entry into the lottery-via-mobile sector.


sum.cumo develops the ACE online platform for LOTTO Niedersachsen, thereby laying the groundwork for its successful ongoing digital advancement of the online product and service landscape.


Due to popular demand by online lottery customers, scratch cards are now available for online purchase as well.
The future of Germany’s lottery market
With the continuing growth of the online market and the advancing digitalization process seen in all fields, the digital aspect is becoming ever more important, including for the gaming sector. In terms of comprehensive protections for both bettors and minors, reputable state-commissioned providers have an even greater responsibility, since their legal mandate includes the steering of gambling into legal channels while also protecting customers from relevant dangers.

LOTTO Niedersachsen and sum.cumo to remain trendsetters in the lottery market

In the future too, LOTTO Niedersachsen will continue working with sum.cumo on further expanding its range while also striving for maximum customer satisfaction. The goal is to keep adding even more customer-oriented services. The boundaries between offline and online ranges are becoming increasingly blurred. For customers, it’s become second nature to freely switch back and forth between offline and online. Products and services therefore need to follow and meet them wherever they want to be, whether it’s at home, on the go, or at the LOTTO outlet. Learning about lottery products and purchasing them should be a snap, to ensure a positive buying experience. And this all needs to happen within a safe channel featuring robust identification and authentication for the protection of minors, because LOTTO Niedersachsen is actively committed to the responsible protection of bettors and minors with all its products and services. For Lower Saxony’s premium gaming company, the overarching objective is to demonstrate its core values to every customer: corporate responsibility, customer service and quality gaming. To this end, LOTTO Niedersachsen offers products and services tailored to the customer’s wishes, all within an integrated infrastructure. This is why, having already enjoyed years of fruitful partnership, LOTTO Niedersachsen and sum.cumo will continue working together on a platform of advanced technologies, and will keep developing innovative solutions to meet tomorrow’s demands.