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Working at sum.cumo: How we think team planning forward

The market is empty, but sum.cumo continues to expand its "own Silicon Valley".

According to a Deloitte study, the tech industry is showing considerable growth. This will be accompanied by a shortage of developers, data analysts and product managers at the end of 2018. IT specialists are not looking for jobs, but for the "right" companies with exciting prospects. sum.cumo manages to be attractive for excellent developers and to implement first-class projects with them.

Tech sector continues rapid growth

This sector has enjoyed rapid growth for years. While forecasts for the wider economy may have been more modest, this hasn’t hampered the development of the tech sector. According to a study from Deloitte, the sector’s revenues currently amount to 230 billion euros and are growing at 7 percent, which is faster than the gross domestic product.

Sector impacted by major shortage of IT specialists

Late last year, Bitkom reported that some 82,000 positions remained unfilled in the IT sector. And that was 49 percent higher than the year before. This is from a survey on the labor market for IT professionals, conducted by Bitkom in December 2018.

How sum.cumo continues attracting top digital professionals

Just in the past year, sum.cumo successfully doubled the size of its Frontend team. How has it managed to build an emerging Silicon Valley at its Hamburg and Düsseldorf offices despite a labor market that’s been swept clean? sum.cumo has certainly pulled together a fair amount of frontend power. The team constantly pushes forward with the latest technologies in the quest to achieve a “perfect frontend.” This means offering the user a visually appealing experience along with optimal usability. After a comprehensive cleanup of the in-house tech stack, the Frontend crew at sum.cumo now relies almost exclusively on the Vue.js framework. Of course, stability is always the top priority, so any new technology might still get scrapped if found lacking. And that’s exactly what attracts new talent to sum.cumo: real-world learning combined with top productivity.

Craving something new?

Learning, advancing, supporting, communicating: this is what informs the close teamwork found at sum.cumo. Here, you can further expand your knowledge by attending meetups and conferences while getting to know plenty of like-minded folks. And yet everyone gets the space they need for themselves. At sum.cumo, there’s also the option of working remotely or from home, which makes life a lot easier for many. New colleagues are warmly welcomed and quickly find themselves becoming an indispensable part of the crew.