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For the time being one last time CSS- and JSConf EU: Why we are sad

Three weeks back, let's sum up: the CSS- and JSConf EU 2019 in Berlin

Conferences are like school trips? A stubborn prejudice, but one thing we have in common: anticipation!

This year we spent many weeks preparing the conferences - also because we were proud sponsor this year and wanted to thank the community for 6 years CSSConf EU and 10 years JSConf EU with more than company stickers and cups. Many of us were there from the beginning and saw the conferences grow. So this year we went to Berlin with a crying eye, because the conferences are taking a break.

Because sad farewells are not our thing, however, we decided on a colorful, positive-minded appearance and thus underline not only the diversity and openness of sum.cumo, but also the special something of the two conferences in Berlin. Because the fight against discrimination, the open culture and the inspiring talks without much fuss from sponsors or the like are trademarks that are not taken for granted and every year many crew members have travelled to Berlin.

Hannes, Volunteer

Last year I couldn't enjoy the first two days, because I was much too nervous by my upcoming Talk .
This year I was there as a volunteer. I could watch how the inside of the arena changed piece by piece from a big room with stuff inside to an event location. That was super impressive!

As one of three volunteers I support the Community Lounge, which is organized by Michele Guido and Vanessa Yuen.
This year's topic was "Stories of Gratitude". During the breaks of the two main stages, small 5 minute talks were held by people who shared inspiring experiences about how "the community" has positively influenced their lives. Also my colleague Kerstin shared her very own experience with us and called for things to "google together" instead of panicking alone.

Our tasks as volunteers were sometimes quite simple. For example, we helped them get the cable setup on their laptops before they started talking. This allowed us to take some of their nervousness away from them, which I can still feel too well from last year, and sometimes it's just the little things and shoulder patches that are missing before the talk. Being part of this team was a lot of fun for me. The positive feedback from the visitors* and the speakers* for the small and large tasks we were able to take on made the long days at the conference fly by.
I hope that the Orga team will find an opportunity to transform the spirit of the Conf into something new in the future in order to continue to positively influence the lives of diverse people. Thank you!

Thank you

So nothing remains for us more than:

"Roses are red, violets are blue,
we are so sad about missing you…

….the labour-of-love-conf, the inspiring speakers, the open minded community, talented developers, awesome food and coffee, goose bumps at the opening shows, exciting community talks, supportive and respectful volunteers, innovative sponsors, …"