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Two lions that make a strong pride

An insurance company strengthens their brand by cooperating with a football club

Die Bayerische is on its way to positioning itself in the marketplace as an innovative and customer-oriented insurer. To increase awareness and sympathy for the brand, since the 2016-17 season, die Bayerische has been cooperating with the tradition-rich football club TSV 1860 München, as the club’s principal sponsor.

To create and implement the partnership between the two lions, die Bayerische decided to rely on the experience and passion of sum.cumo. Building on the guiding theme of “Wir Löwen. Starkes Rudel” (We lions. A strong pride), distinctive and expressive images and designs were used to take a historic, entirely new approach to football sponsorship. Important to this approach was the understanding that emotion, passion and above all authenticity are key, not just on the field but also off it as well.

From the very beginning, the digital expertise of sum.cumo was brought into play to turn fans and supporters into customers. In addition to successful online and social media campaigns, classical media were employed to striking effect. And at home games in Munich’s Allianz Arena, die Bayerische steals the show from its largest competitor. Thanks to sum.cumo, in and all around the stadium visitors can tangibly experience die Bayerische as a lion sponsor. Whether it was the perimeter advertising, the stadium magazine or the promotion team, all the measures used were successful.

The pride of lions meets the purity promise

An entirely new, independent design concept was developed especially for the 1860 sponsoring campaign, one that was unmistakably Die Bayerische and that honored the company’s purity promise. It featured pure blue, designs as strong as a lion and clear messages. Die Bayerische is not only presented as the perfect sponsor, it has been transformed into a genuine fan.

The result after the first season together was clear: Die Bayerische was able to significantly increase brand recognition and was already widely associated with TSV 1860 as a sponsor. And many new policies had been sold, both online and at in walk-in locations.

Now that the summer break is over, sum.cumo and Die Bayerische are once again starting off the new season, together.