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The first fully digital car insurance in Switzerland is being rolled out

Digital excellence in the Swiss car insurance market thanks to machine learning

When insurance expertise from Switzerland and the “digital machine” from Hamburg come together, the industry should take notice: Dextra Rechtsschutz AG has already written its own success story as a digital legal costs insurance company.

As a reminder, sum.cumo has accompanied Dextra Rechtsschutz AG since its foundation in 2012 as a strategic and technological partner. Now the next milestone resulting from cooperation between Zurich and Hamburg can be celebrated.

Unique price calculation method for car insurance

Together with sum.cumo, Dextra Versicherungen AG, founded in 2017, is launching Switzerland’s first fully digital car insurance. Sounds interesting at first, but what is it about?

At the core of this car insurance is a combination of software that did not exist before. The price calculation is based on Earnix, a software for price analysis and optimization. Earnix uses machine learning, a highly complex system that continuously processes market-based data. Through intelligent and complex algorithms, the system constantly learns on the basis of this database – and thus is constantly achieving better and more suitable results.

In the calculation for the customer, the prices are calculated daily, so that the customer pays a highly individual price for his insurance premium. The insurance product offers Switzerland’s most comprehensive protection on the market: Insured persons can choose between three rates, each with different coverages and benefits and further configure the policy if necessary.

Auto insurance takes a technological quantum leap

The combination of Earnix and the sum.cumo open-source platform SCIP (sum.cumo Insurance Platform) represents an unbeatable core element of Dextra Insurance AG’s business model.

sum.cumo and Dextra will resolutely continue on their chosen path, staying true to their mission of consistently implementing digital customer-centric processes in insurance and making them competitive.