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The digital age

One-stop digitalization

Long-established companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find their way forward in what is still a new digital world. On the other hand, while today’s purely digital startups have very high ambitions, they often lack the experience and qualified personnel needed in order to tackle such ambitious goals and successfully achieve them. A multitude of diverse employees, departments, consultants and service providers are necessary in order to understand and redevelop such complex frameworks, or even establish them in the first place. The orchestration of a customer-centric digital interface for insurance or lotteries thus becomes a highly intricate undertaking.

sum.cumo Sapiens brings essential industry experience while providing specialists from all disciplines, and knows how to initiate and cultivate digital success through interdisciplinary teams within the shortest of time frames. Our crew is composed of experts in the areas of Consulting, User Experience, Frontend Development, Backend Development and Marketing.

Solutions from the age of the internet

Our agile interdisciplinary teams rely on an extensive range of open-source solutions that sum.cumo Sapiens has developed with its customers over the years, thereby creating a constantly expanding toolset. This comprehensive array of robust building blocks helps ensure a fast, efficient entry into the digital market, with components that can be customized and further enhanced by the relevant team.

With its open-source solutions, sum.cumo Sapiens is one of the most innovative tech companies in the industry today. This success is based on the exceptional achievements of our highly experienced team members, especially in terms of UX and marketing expertise, which allows us to take an integrated approach towards the long-term success of a digital business model.