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sum.talk episode #59 (with Manuel Stroeh)

In episode 59, Manuel Ströh is a guest on sum.talk! With fresh Insurance, Manuel has launched a revolutionary product: an insurance flat rate. In the new episode of our podcast, he tells Ingolf Putzbach and Oliver Lang how Manuel's path led him from film production to the insurance industry and how his work is shaped by his startup mentality.

You could say Manuel Stroeh has the startup spirit in his blood. Until a bit in 2010, the currently 46 year old, produced big American commercials. He then founded "return to me", an online fundraising agency, through which, he says, he found his way to the insurance industry. He developed tags and stickers for items and a system that managed them. However, he did not find an insurer that would cover the loss of the items. However, Manuel says he came out to three insurers with three positive rejections. Because even if the insurance risk was too great, all three liked the software behind the system. That set Manuel on the path to developing "mobilversichert." A software platform for insurance brokers in which all processes can be digitized. In 2019 this was sold, because for Manuel it seems to be more relevant to build new things and decide freely, than to manage a system for the next 20 years, if others can't do it better.
But the topic Ingolf, Oli and Manuel talk about most in this sum.talk is Fresh. Fresh offers an insurance package at a flat rate price. Very important, it should be easy to understand.

Fresh Insurance

Manuel has been carrying the idea for Fresh for a few years now. After a self-financed feasibility study, it took about two years to get Fresh off the green field and onto the street. But the idea of an insurance flat goes even further - Not only should the product be easy to understand, but also the conclusion and administration should be as simple as possible. The special feature: All communication with the customer runs via the messanger WhatsApp. The risk questions have been reduced to a minimum. Thus, five areas can be covered via just three risk questions.

But for a simple product, it takes creating the necessary infrastructure. So questions also come up about how safe the product is from insurance fraud, how a slightly more expensive product will fare, and how risk carriers will deal with a flat rate.
Manuel gives us a lot of insights and chats from the inside.

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