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sum.cumo successfully assists in market launch of nexible.de

The future of flexibility in the insurance business has begun

nexible has successfully entered the auto insurance market. Its strategic technology partner, sum.cumo, has accompanied the innovative startup since its inception.

In collaboration with the team at nexible led by Managing Director John-Paul Pieper, sum.cumo has set out to newly interpret “digital insurance” with the aim of accommodating ever-changing customer behavior.

A modern online platform and business processes that are both so straightforward that they eliminate the need for phone calls and providing customer advice are essential, but only part of what is required to meet the challenges of the digital age. From the outset, the project development team understood that only a systematic and diligent approach to entering the online age would be successful.

Focused on customer needs

nexible is highly focused on the needs of its target group: consumers who, day to day, primarily think and act digitally. With this in mind, sum.cumo, together with nexible, has relaunched all of the processes related to auto insurance and implemented procedural and technological innovations that make nexible probably the most modern and flexible player in the marketplace. Straightforward products, intelligently priced rates, easy-to-understand purchase and service processes and digitally based claims processing are all the result of the close collaboration between the two companies and their partners.

“Working with sum.cumo is a key component of our success. Thanks to their excellent digital skill set, their insurance industry experience and their enthusiasm for our ideas, we have found a partner with whom we can push forward with our industry’s digital revolution,” says John-Paul Pieper, Managing Director of nexible.

Meeting highly individual needs

sum.cumo and nexible regard technology as a reason for being, rather than merely as a tool. Indeed, they consider it to be a core requirement for developing services that put customers front and center. The standard systems that currently exist in the marketplace are generally incapable of meeting the highly individual requirements of today’s digitization providers and demanding customers within reasonable budgets and time frames. In order to remain efficient and reliable, yet also flexible, companies are adopting cutting-edge solutions from the Internet economy. In its partnership with nexible, sum.cumo has created a fully digital, integrated platform that leverages the latest frontend and administration-related technologies.

To keep up with insuretech-based companies and the digital giants, insurance companies have to radically change their way of thinking. Not only do they need to take major technology-related steps – they also have to entirely rethink their product design and work processes. We have yet to encounter a player in the insurance sector that has faced these realities more openly and professionally than nexible.