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sum.cumo produced broadcasts for KENO

sum.cumo has implemented a fully dynamic and automated drawing program for the lottery KENO, which is managed by LOTTO Hessen on behalf of the German Lotto and Totoblock: KENO is a digital, multi-variant number lottery with the daily chance of winning millions. For the new edition of the KENO drawing show, the drawn numbers are now rendered into a video within a few minutes with the help of innovative technologies and supplemented by a "moderation set" consisting of moderation, intermediate moderation and de-moderation.

How an automated drawing show is generated

Every day at 7.10 p.m. the user will find the new drawing programme with moderator Annett Fleischer on keno.de/ziehung. The actual drawing takes place digitally using the KENO drawing pyramid at the headquarters of LOTTO Hessen in Wiesbaden. The drawing pyramid forwards the numbers to the backend provided by sum.cumo. The sum.cumo technology is used there: a suitable moderation set is selected daily from almost 100 different moderation sets based on various parameters. The selection of the moderation depends on different parameters, such as the weather, holidays, action days or other calendar events. If no parameter applies to a day, a standard moderation is used. Using a rendering engine, all video content (moderation and drawing numbers) is then assembled and transmitted "live on tape" via YouTube for maximum compatibility on all terminal devices/channels. This happens daily 365 days a year.

One project, many participants

sum.cumo designed the project implementation in close cooperation with specially selected partners:

  • LOTTO Hessen as client
  • Impossible software as rendering engine partner - he is considered a pioneer of dynamic video editing
  • Film production Boomerang as producer of the moderation sets

Side by side with these cooperation partners, sum.cumo was able to apply its in-house expertise in the creation of ideas and concepts, but also in back-end technology (SCALA) and front-end technology (Vue.js).

Best possible performance for video rendering

The Amazon Cloud (AWS) is used to achieve the best possible performance for video rendering. In addition to an on-demand IT infrastructure, it also offers reliability and first-class availability. Thanks to its high scalability, the cloud infrastructure is only started up at drawing time and is thus used in a cost-optimized manner. Depending on the scaling of the available AWS nodes, the rendering speed of the videos can also be variably optimized at any time.

"With the new system from sum.cumo, we now have a drawing video that perfectly matches our lottery: modern optics, state-of-the-art technology and the most important thing: just as individual and varied as the lottery itself. sum.cumo was a competent and reliable partner for us throughout the entire process, from brainstorming and conception to optical and technical implementation to the live match", Kathrin Ostersetzer, Product Manager responsible for KENO at LOTTO Hessen.

"With the project, sum.cumo was able to break out of its core business and enter the "video world". The later backend implementation gave us the opportunity to get to know other new technologies and apply them for our customer. It was a very multi-faceted project overall," adds Dominik Paur, sum.cumo's project manager in charge.