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sum.cumo develops new online quote generator for die Bayerische

Success through analysis, technology and marketing

As a digitizer of insurance and lottery companies, sum.cumo banks on detailed analysis before developing new products. Based on the results of such analysis, the product department of the Bayerische insurance agency – in cooperation with the Design, Development, Marketing and Project Management teams at sum.cumo – has developed a new type of state-of-the-art online quote generator. Bayerische was able to integrate this custom-tailored solution into the existing CMS directly, quickly and easily.

In addition, the sum.cumo Marketing team prepared a marketing strategy that is contributing significantly to the product’s success even just shortly after launch. This is just one way that Bayerische is benefiting from the interdisciplinary work of the sum.cumo team, as evidenced in the excellent conversion rates (i.e. clicks to closures).

“Overall, we're well satisfied with the launch of the calculator for the new ZAHN supplementary dental insurance, with the closure rates and with our cooperation with sum.cumo,” said Daniel Regensburger, overall project lead for Bayerische, to summarize the project’s success.

Customizability through white-label integration

A novelty of the implementation of the calculator is its so-called “white-label” integration. This allows any insurance broker to quickly and easily integrate the quote generator into their website. This simple measure allows brokers and other partners to profit directly from online closures as part of an omni-channel model.

Directly after it was launched, the ZAHN Prestige supplementary dental insurance product of Bayerische was awarded by Check24.

sum.cumo is looking forward to continuing the present success story as well as to future projects in cooperation with Bayerische.