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sum.cumo as a guest at Industrieversicherung Digital

This week, Ingolf Putzbach, one of the two managing directors of sum.cumo, is a guest on "Industrieversicherung Digital". The podcast is an initiative for open exchange on the digitalization of industrial and commercial insurance and regularly addresses the key issues facing the industry.

While renowned industrial insurers long believed themselves to be in deceptive security, disillusionment is now spreading when it comes to digitalization. The assumption that individual and complex insurance products cannot be easily digitized has long been outdated. Not only insurers can benefit enormously from the new possibilities, but customers as well.

In this conversation, Ingolf, Ansgar Knipschild and Benjamin Zühr of Industrieversicherung Digital and Rainer Witzel of Thor Capital share their views on how a digital collaboration between customer, broker and insurer in industrial insurance can look like and why the desire for platforms is growing.

You can find the new episode and more information about the podcast at Industrieversicherung Digital.

For those who want to know more, sum.cumo, Sapiens and Thor Capital are co-hosting a free digital congress on February 25, 2021. The focus will be on topics related to the digitalization of industrial insurance. More details on the agenda and registration are available here.