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SCIP - The recipe for success for digital insurance

sum.cumo, a Sapiens company, presents with "Disruption through Collaboration - Software for Insurance Companies in Transition" its new short film, which was shot on the occasion of the first SCIP User Day in September 2020. The short documentary deals with the problems of the insurance industry, related approaches to solutions and positions cross-interface collaboration in the field of new technologies as a driver of innovation. The core product SCIP from sum.cumo, a web-based platform hosted in the cloud with complete API and separation of back and front end, takes up these approaches and thus offers an optimal product solution for modern insurers.

Technology as a solution

SCIP is a good example of what technology makes possible today and what role it plays in the success of a company. Collaboration, open source and open ecosystems were key factors in making SCIP 10 the latest and most powerful release. As a web-based platform with a complete API and separation of back- and front-end, SCIP offers maximum flexibility and individuality, which can be tailored to the products, offers and services of each insurance company for specific target groups. While SCIP Core covers all basic processes of portfolio management, SCIP Sales is the solution for portal solutions from policy lines to customer and partner portals with extensive self-service options.

Insurers must catch up

As financial strength and complexity in the insurance industry have been a guarantee for success for years, companies have stalled in their development and missed the leap to the digital wave. However, their customers have adapted to this development, as have their expectations and perceptions. In addition, the market saturation and interest rate situation is deteriorating more and more, which is increasing cost pressure. Although insurers have understood that they must adapt their IT platforms and working methods in order to be successful in the future, they lack the know-how to change the deficient technical situation.


In order to escape this dilemma, InsurTechs are in demand, as sum.cumo does, to advise insurers on digital business models and start implementing them seamlessly in order to make up for the technological setback. However, it is not only the technical expansion, but also its implementation and the use of the right tools that are crucial. "A collaborative development approach together with the customer as well as proven product solutions make an important contribution to organizational transformation and serve as a guarantee for success, so to speak," explains Ingolf Putzbach, Managing Director of sum.cumo. "Collaborative work is just as important as it is necessary, because a successful project can only emerge with a team that works on problem solving across all interfaces".