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Relaunch of the Dextra website with sum.cumo

sum.cumo and its long-standing Swiss partner Dextra have jointly relaunched their website. The site presents itself at www.dextra.ch as a completely redesigned website with modern technology. Dextra thus offers users a comprehensive insight and the possibility of taking out a digital legal protection or car insurance policy. "In addition to a modern design, we have focused on the use of new technologies in order to offer our customers user-friendly and, above all, fast service. Particularly in the mobile age, the focus should be on fast loading times," says Dominik Paur, sum.cumo project manager for the Dextra project.

House owned sum.cumo standard established through further expansion of Vue.js based techstacks

sum.cumo took over the conception as well as the development of the modern design and the complete technical implementation of the website relaunch for the partner Dextra.
This is how the app model of the future was used: The frontend development is based on Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for the creation of Single-Page-Applications (SPA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). For some time now, this framework has been used by default on sum.cumo websites. Around Vue.js, sum.cumo has developed a modern techstack that serves as a basis for customer projects and can be easily and flexibly extended according to customer requirements. By each further use of SPAs/PWAs in their customer projects, sum.cumo establishes a more comprehensive standard for web interactions in the insurance market.
With the single page application structure, only the relevant content is exchanged during a user interaction and the entire page is never reloaded. For this purpose, the content is dynamically rewritten instead of loading completely new pages from the server. This ensures a noticeably faster loading time on all end devices and the user experience resembles navigation through a native app of the smartphone.

Clear content enables fully digital and paperless conclusion of an insurance policy

With the help of a few navigation steps, the viewer is briefly and well informed about the offer of legal protection or car insurance. The application route is clear. Service and contact complete the offer.

Dextra - a fully digital customer portal

"Anyone who knows Dextra knows that the website is the touchpoint for concluding a contract naturally counts for good conversion and the first impression," explains Dominik Paur, the responsible project manager. "The insurance customer can then also enjoy an extensive customer portal in addition to the website, which is also based on the same technology as the website. This is the core of Dextra, a fully digital customer portal for the administration of insurance policies and the processing of claims, should this occur. It's nice that we were able to technologically unlock and align both systems in the course of the project".