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Record sponsorship for tech conferences in 2019

Supporting the tech community

This year, sum.cumo is providing around 100,000 euros in total to sponsor six conferences. To begin with, the company has been a Gold Sponsor at Hamburg’s JSUnconf in April. Its gold-level sponsorship will then continue through May at two more events, as sum.cumo joins in at Düsseldorf’s beyond tellerand, a conference highlighting web design, development, creativity and design, and at Hamburg’s Ruby Unconf, an event by the community for the community. The action continues at the end of May with the CSSConf and JSConf EU, which the company is supporting through an X sponsorship. Then in the fall, sum.cumo is also supporting RuhrJS with a Silver Sponsor package.

Hosting Meetups and attending conferences to upskill our crew

On top of that, sum.cumo will host at least fifteen Meetups this year. The topics will include user experience, DevOps, design/creativity, and digitalization/technology.

But not only that! Our crew members will also attend some forty conferences, trade shows and festivals throughout the year in order to hone their professional expertise. In their many presentations (as well as through open source projects), they’ll show how sum.cumo is setting new standards while sharing its hard-won knowledge with others. The overall goal is to make sure that our crew – and thus the company – is always up to date.

A network letting us reach over ten thousand tech specialists

Having strong relationships and networks in the industry are an important key to success. sum.cumo is therefore committed to supporting the tech sector and its community. Conferences and the attendant exchange of ideas are one way to facilitate this. These six conferences allow us to reach over ten thousand tech specialists in person, meeting them as equals as we introduce them to sum.cumo.

The sum.cumo crew: teamwork in hearts and minds

sum.cumo is a fast growing company that sees itself as a team player. Since its founding eight years ago, the turnover rate has been close to zero. This is because sum.cumo offers exactly what today’s employees are looking, including excellent development opportunities, independence and autonomy in work assignments, and a respectful and appreciative workplace culture.

“At sum.cumo, we want to be a driver and pioneer in the integrated digitalization of the marketplace, and to support companies with our rigorously conceived digital products. That’s why we’re investing heavily in the upskilling and development of our crew and services, making sure we’re always up to date,” said Julia Lees of sum.cumo management, in charge of the People department.